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CSF Board Members

Alison Johnson, Chair
Topsham, Maine

Varda Burstyn
Peterborough, Ontario

Pamela Gibson, PhD
Churchville, Virginia

Jeffrey May
Tyngsborough, Massachusetts

L. Christine Oliver, MD
Boston, Massachusetts

Robert Weggel
Reading, Massachusetts


Prevalence of MCS

The last two decades have seen a rapid acceleration in the number of people reporting that they have developed MCS. In 2009 Professors Stanley Caress and Anne Steinemann published in The Journal of Environmental Health the results of a national prevalence study for multiple chemical sensitivity that they had conducted. In their national phone survey, 3.2 percent of the respondents said that they had been medically diagnosed with MCS. This result suggests that over ten million Americans are suffering from MCS. That's a number larger than the population of the state of Michigan in 2010.




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